If we could but show the world that being committed to Christ is no tame, humdrum, sheltered monotony, but the most exciting, thrilling adventure the human spirit can ever know, those who have been standing outside the church and looking askance at Christ will come crowding in to pay allegiance; and we might well expect the greatest revival since Pentecost.
― Dr. James Stewart (via joshtheyipper)
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God will save you from your problems, but don’t think that means making you comfortable. He saves you from your troubles by giving you a greater trouble: stripping you of yourself and making you like him. God is an all-consuming fire. And yes, he rescues you from your ‘fiery furnace’, but only by placing you in the greater furnace of himself. This fire, though, leads not to destruction, but refinement.
― B.B. // (mis)understanding God (via blakebaggott)
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The real things haven’t changed. It is still best to be honest and truthful; to make the most of what we have; to be happy with simple pleasures; and have courage when things go wrong.
― Laura Ingalls Wilder (via sorakeem)

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Lord, lead me so I can lead others.
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Death is an inevitable thing. Life is a gift that will expire, so spend yours wisely.
― Nana W (via ohlovequotes)

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Your life is beautiful, and to live it, you only need to do this: trust Jesus and His love for you. Live simply by living loved. Don’t let your fear of the future, fear of paying bills, fear of not getting what you want, or any kind of fear distract you from God’s faithfulness. Don’t let these worries and impending challenges distort the wholeness and holiness and beauty of Jesus. He is who He is and your situation do not change that. He is still good, holy, merciful, gracious, generous and outrageously in love with you, beloved.
― Pam Carbungco, Big Reminders
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